Short braids

Short box braids I’m definitely trying this after my long ones…. I think this would be so cute on me

Flawless Bob Braids

I am confused? if your hair is longer than the braids you want then you can’t get individuals But you can get a weave… that is short.

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Micro braids

Long bob box braids #bob #box #braids How I’m doing my hair for the summer 2014

Short Braids

Black braids for women

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Yarn twist short braids

Braid Short B2

Pixie Braids ~Curly ~ Silky Braids ~ Twists ~Fish braids ~Weaving ~Goddess Braids

short casual braids

Braid Short B1

Pixie Braids ~Curly ~ Silky Braids ~ Twists ~Fish braids ~Weaving ~Goddess Braids

Short micro braids are of the variation of micro braids. Micro braid itself is one of the methods of applying hair extensions. Having short micro braids for …


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