R kelly cornrow hairstyles


R. Kelly cornrow hairstyle.

A short hairstyle is also among his famous styles that he has been consistent in the recent past and currently. The cornrow R. Kelly Hair style is the most …

The court was reportedly told that cornrows were part of G’s family tradition and that he had not cut his hair since birth. The family’s attorney Angela …

R Kelly

Allen Iverson with art braided hairstyles

Cornrow Styles for Men Rebellious and Rhythmic


Given the reaction on Twitter I figured you guys would also have a lot to say about the interview so I’ll just post my tweet-transcript of the interview.

New crazy braids and hair styles for men 2012

R. Kelly buzz haircut with rap industry standard beard.

Common in West Africa cornrows survived for centuries as a style of hair preparation in the U.S. among African slaves in South America.

he’s a special case

Allen Iverson with cornrows hairstyles for men

If that guy was clean shaven and wearing a suit he’d look professional.

Conrows!!remeber them!well before weaves it was like the in thing every gal went crazy with the alicia keys hairstyle then R kelly gave it a whole …


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