Nappy hair

I have never seen a 100% Italian person with hair as nappy as this Black woman for example.

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More than make-up I love my natural hair. I didn’t love my hair this much when I had a perm. Before I went natural I felt like every other Black sista.

Ben McLemore hair nappy

Featured Maven :: Naturally Nappy Maven

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Comment faire un puff?

Nicole Ari Parker’s curly TWA

STEP 1 – Begin by parting your hair from the top of your head to the nape of your neck then again from ear-to-ear and clipping three of your four sections …

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No Nappy Hair Allowed


Netherlands: A Dutch black girl with nappy hair was excluded from ballet class because she didn’t wore her hair in a smooth bun.

Nappy hair means tightly coiled hair that is natural on black people. I’m sick of people acting like it’s a bad thing.

Ajeya hair addict Big Hair Dont Care! NappyHairstyle | via Tumblr

DIY Natural Hair Care

How To Blow Dry Hair

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