Hairstyles i can put my picture in

Might want my hair cut this length…but can I still put it in a bun/ponytail?

I like this Hair Style because maybe I’d wear it down I think I could still put it up in my ponytail. :)

If I can put up with my hair long enough I think this will be

My Hair Style

(oh and it can still fit into a pony tail which is my go-to mom hair uniform!)

Another hairstyle…maybe a little more length. Need something I can put

Swear this seems to be the only way I can put my locs up into a

easy hairstyles for long hair for prom

Personally I love that hairstyle and I try to wore as often as I can. I like to put an elastic under my bow so it holds better and won’t fall ot …

My speciality is creating beautiful bridal and wedding hairstyles that I am sure will put …

Because my hair is still in braids I have been looking for different hairstyles I can put it in to change up my look. These are a few simple hairstyles …

I love this headband so cute for fall it was inspired by Julia Tyoshenko (pictured above). I plan to make mine super chunky (chenille maybe?)and close to my …

put my face in a hairstyle app for ipad – Tan Dai Hung Plastic

20 Popular Cute Long Hairstyles for Women

This color caught my eye. There’s so many tones I can’t put my fingers of what it resembles more of. Chocolate auburn mocha? Hair Ideas Hairstyles …

Hair Ideas Low Ponytail Little Girls Hairstyles Hair Today Hair Style Kids Hairstyles Triple Braids Cute Hairstyles Side Ponytails

The first hairstyle is what I call the Sideways Tuck! It’s an adorable hairstyle that is perfect for school or Uni and really it takes under a minute.

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