Exo m hairstyles

EXO-M New Kris hairstyle

Wavy/Spiky Korean Hair Tutorial – EXO-M Luhan Inspired Hairstyle

Kris (EXO-M) | K-Pop Hairstyles: Yi Fans Exo

EXO M – Luhan red haircut: Exoluhan

This is Luhan the deer-eyed member who makes you want to protect him from the scary rookie group EXO who’s been sweeping the charts and ranking first on …

Kpop Kdrama Exo M Exo Drool Exo Natural Republic Layzhang Yixing??? Exo Lay Exo Exo Lay Exo Exo ??

#EXO #Tao: Exo M Exo Tao Red Hair Exo K M

Exo-M’s new hairstyles/color

EXO-M New Kris


New EXO-M Kris

Good luck with your hair btw ^^ I’d love to know what haircut/style you choose :3

And then there is Lay and Chanyeol both having spock-like hairstyles but with different colours

Exo-M Hair Styles


Tao Exo M

EXO M Kris Wolf

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