Braids in hair

Yes I have braids in my hair. No I don’t yodel.

Instead of the French braid I’ve used a reverse braid or Dutch braid. With a French braid hair is added over from each side as your plait the hair.

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… braided the length and then secured the ends of the braid with a hair elastic.

In the case of dry or fine hair it is better to use some kind of gel or spray on hair before braiding hair as it would be convenient then.

Wedding Hair That’s Braidtastic!

Side Braids side braids


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Classic French Braid

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Yes I have braids in my hair. No I don’t yodel.

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… the best choice of hairstyles with braids with a one-sided braid ending in a loose bun. braided hair 30 Awe Inspiring Hairstyles With Braids

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