Braided hairstyles for work


I will often take out the bun and tie a tiny elastic around the braid to let my hair down. The bun gives it a nice wavey look.

Half-up French Braid:

… braided hairstyle

10 Best Hairstyles for Work Braids Hairstyles You Can Wear to Work

sarah michelle gellar hairstyle sarah michelle gellar bohemian braid

Cool Braided Hairstyles (3)

Finally you have the braid. You can put this anywhere within your hairstyle. Its a simple look that will work with any hair types.

Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles for Super-Curly Hair

You can even work in a ponytail braid or bun with the bob: There are several braided hairstyles for short hair and this makes things more fun.

Fun Funky Criss Cross Braids for Summer …

No matter we create a romantic braided fishtail or a stylish braided ponytail or we prefer styling romantic and gorgeous braided bun hair styles …

big braided bun elegant hairstyle 2

If you have long enough hair doing a wrap-around braid looks amazing. You can wrap the braid into a low bun or a higher updo. It’s feminine but chic and …

If you have short hair then the side french braid is the easiest cool and chic hairstyles that you can opt. Start with a deep site part and then work …

Lovely Chain Braid (click through for written steps)

Talk to any hairstylist worth his wind machine and he’ll tell you: Braids like updos work much better on day-old hair. The grittier texture makes your …

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