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What Makes Your Hair Different. September 28 2011 | Author Janis M. Skinner

… to true Gypsies who originated in India and spread through Europe over many hundreds of years. African hair relaxed and oiled

Is Natural Black Hair Care Redundant? Why Are Black Women So Negative?

Would you like this type of hair: Posted Image Especially if the woman doesnt exercise shower or let you touch it?

The Ultimate Guide to Gorgeous African-American Hair

There is a wealth of misinformation swirling about when it comes to African-American hair care. Acting on this false information only leads to …

How To Blow Dry Hair

Petrolina uses Ancient SunriseĀ® Henna for African Hair on her natural hair to give deep red highlights and to make her curls softer and stronger.

Our braiding hair salon Fatima African Hair Braiding has artistic and experience masters braiders. You will receive promptcourteous service all the time …

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What’s The Deal with Black Skin and Black Hair? –

12 african hair braiding 2013 150×150 African hair braiding 2013

Goddess African Hair Braiding: Beauty Salon Braids Weaves Dreadlocks

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Natural Black Hair Care Tips

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african-hair-article-large If you’re an African American woman who is stuck with slow growing hair or simply wants to grow their hair faster then this …

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